May, 2019

5/29: Ta-daaa! My name is changing. Most of my previous work is still under RJ Newell. It’s me, though. I swear. Unless it’s embarrassing. Then it’s not me.

5/26: Closing night of Macbeth at the Loft Ensemble was electrifying. Thank you to all who came! It was a blast to play Hecate in Russian.

5/22: New headshots, who dis? I shot with the fabulous KAT TUOHY, my favorite LA headshot queen. New photos are coming soon.

5/18: It’s table read season at Loft Ensemble! I’m giddy AF over the brilliant cast who read my first original play. Death and Other Girly Things is aliiiiive! Thank you to all who made it so fun.

5/15: RJ Fontaine is now a SAG-AFTRA member. Now she’ll only speak in third person. It’s required, to obtain membership. That, and fairy blood.

5/8: I’m stoked to be on the committee for organizing Loft’s 1960’s-themed Grand Opening Gala (June 9)! It’s going to be fancy. Get your tickets here.

5/4: I went to my first Renaissance Faire and it was fantastic. Happiness is eating a turkey leg in a sea of corseted boobs.

5/1: I <3 the Groundlings School. Classes are fun.

Quote of the month:

“A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.” –Madonna

Person of the month:

I don’t know her but I feel like I do.

I don’t know her but I feel like I do.

Have a great June!